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Socializing Is Healthy

Having a social life to avoid feeling lonely is important for your health. Maintaining strong ties with the people around you can help minimize the risk of suffering from certain physical and mental health conditions1.

When you make more time in your schedule to nurture these social connections, either with family members or friends, or to meet new people, you are taking a big step in caring for your health and wellbeing. The digital calendar Socializing Is Healthy will create events, remind you, and give you advice on the importance of spending time with others.

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Why Socializing Is Important For Your Health?

Fundación Triple-S offers you useful tools that can help you raise awareness about social isolation and loneliness.

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What is social isolation?

Social isolation is characterized by a lack of social connections. Social isolation can lead to loneliness in some people. However, others may feel lonely even if they are not socially isolated.

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What is loneliness?

Loneliness can mean feeling alone even when you are accompanied by someone. You don't need to be socially isolated to experience this feeling.

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There are options to obtain help and guidance to overcome social isolation and loneliness.

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This health information does not substitude an evaluation with your doctor or health professional.


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