Social Responsibility

We work together with non-governmental organizations, foundations, and community groups

Social Impact Report

At Triple-S, our commitment to the well-being of members and communities is to promote progress and innovation to improve access to quality health services. Therefore, in 2023, we continued with this effort and worked on initiatives at the community level that advanced our mission and achieved a positive impact.

This video, "Creating Better Health," captures the scope and achievements we obtained with various programs, such as care for chronic diseases like diabetes; collaboration with the March of Dimes and the UPR Federico Trilla Hospital to educate pregnant women about their prenatal care; Dementia Friends, Proyecto Plenitud and AARP for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients; scholarships for students; and participation in events such as Uniendo Cabezas of the CAP Foundation for pediatric cancer patients.

Standing hand in hand with our customers, communities, and employees allows us to continue our mission of enabling healthy lives. At Triple-S, we are with you!

Grant Application

Prevention and access to medical care are the cornerstones of our mission and commitment to the communities we serve. While both are vital, we realize that to better address health inequities, we must include social factors that impact health such as literacy, food security, access to transportation, and social cohesion, among others.

Triple-S and Triple-S Foundation are committed to reducing health inequities by focusing on social determinants as a way to better serve our communities. Knowing the needs of the community helps us to improve services and products and provide strategic support to vulnerable populations. Triple-S's commitment to inclusion and social responsibility includes:

  • Financial investment and strategic support to nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable and chronically ill populations and promote health equity.
  • Supporting health-related causes such as mass vaccination, expired medication disposal, early detection events, community education, and the promotion of physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Raising awareness of the social determinants of health (SDOH).
  • Addressing food insecurity and social isolation
  • Voluntary service

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