Compass Code of Ethical Business Conduct

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We use the highest standards of integrity as guidelines to achieve our goal of advancing a corporate culture in compliance with laws and regulations.

Our Compass Program and Code of Ethical Business Conduct provide compliance guidance to our company constituents.

This code applies to:


Corporate Officers


(full time, part-time, temporary, volunteers, interns, and students)

Agents and Delegated Entities of the Corporation

Consultants and Suppliers

Our Values


We believe everyone deserves to be valued and treated with dignity.


We believe in honesty, truthfulness, and adherence to the highest ethical standards.


We believe health equity is right and that helping everyone belong makes us smarter and stronger.


We believe embracing new and different ideas helps us advance health together.


We believe speaking up and taking the right action- even when it’s hard – is how we get better.


We believe in driving high-quality results that make our customers love us.

This Code is part of the Corporation’s Compliance Program and is an important part of its internal control structure.

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