Triple-S Foundation grants $250K

Triple-S Foundation invested in 10 wide-ranging community projects. It offered potential collaborations across sectors to generate systemic changes that meet Puerto Rico’s needs to address social isolation and loneliness among vulnerable populations. Organizations: Asociación de Exempleados de Socios en Acción (AESA), Centro San Francisco, Corporación Fondita de Jesús, Esperanza para la Vejez, Fundación Hospital Pediátrico, Nuestra Escuela, Plenitud PR, Programa del Adolescente de Naranjito Inc., SER and Waves Ahead.

Florida Blue Foundation Saphire Awards

Triple-S Foundation was invited to participate in Florida Blue Foundation’s annual Sapphire Awards for the first time. We were proud speakers on a panel about social isolation and loneliness through our collaborator and world comprehensive expert, Dr. Jualianne Holt-Lunstad. Since 2005, a total of 130 Sapphire Awards totaling $6.5 million have been presented to honored outstanding programs, organizations, and individuals whose services are distinguished by exemplary leadership, innovation, and documented impacts on Mental Well-being across Florida

Social isolation and loneliness in young people

The Triple-S Foundation is subsidizing the inclusion of a module on social isolation and loneliness in the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey carried out annually by the Department of Health (DS) and the Youth Consultation survey, conducted by the Universidad Central del Caribe to measure risk behaviors on this issue in the country’s youth.

Triple-S Golf Tournament 25th edition

This year we exceeded the goal, and we recollect $100,000! Thanks to our sponsors and their support in the traditional Triple-S Golf Tournament, 25th edition, we managed to exceed the goal in donations to benefit the following entities: Alzheimer’s Association of Puerto Rico, Rafaela Ybarra Homes, Association Against Dystrophy Muscular, Santa Ana Institute, CAP Foundation, San Gabriel School, and Triple-S Foundation. These donations will contribute to our commitment to help the communities we serve through each of these organizations work to make our island a better one every day.

Triple-S Foundation takes volunteers to Banco de Alimentos

Thanks to the initiative of the Triple-S Foundation to reduce food insecurity in Puerto Rico, Triple-S brought its volunteers from the Di Presente program to the Banco de Alimentos. They perform various administrative tasks, stock food in the store and make boxes for food delivery to communities. The commitment of our volunteer employees to serve our most in need communities always makes a difference.

Triple-S Vida volunteers visit the Abu’s

Triple-S Foundation and the organization Plenitud arrived together at Las Marías town with a group of Triple-S Vida volunteers to assist in the program “Amo mis Abu’s” to help various homes of elderly adults who live alone and under critical conditions. Thanks to our collaboration, the elderly was covered with basic needs, and their houses were conditioned with cleanliness and organization for a better life quality.

A $20,000 donation for emergency relief

In an effort to support the Juana Matos community in Cataño, who were affected by heavy rains and floods, the Triple-S Foundation donated $20,000 to provide them with food and basic essential items. A few organizations joined this initiative, including Asociación de Exempleados en Acción, Inc. (AESA), the San Juan Lions Club and the Comedor de la Kennedy, who continue helping families who lost everything in their homes and giving companionship to the elderly adults who are alone during the afternoons.

Triple-S Foundation donates $150,000

Triple-S Foundation contributes $150,000 to six non-profit organizations throughout Puerto Rico: Esperanza para la Vejez; Nuestra Escuela; Plenitud PR; PRYMED; Waves Ahead; Science and Education Research Foundation. These organizations will carry out specific projects for vulnerable populations with limited economic resources who live alone, suffer from chronic conditions, and need support to have food security and emotional well-being.