For a good cause the Triple-S Golf Tournament

This year the Triple-S Golf Tournament benefited 10 organizations that serve different populations such as children, the elderly, people with functional diversity and diseases such as Alzheimer’s in communities throughout the island. Organizations: Colegio San Gabriel, Instituto Santa Ana, Casa de Niños Manuel Fernández Juncos, Organización Pro de la Atención con Alzheimer, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Instituto Síndrome Down, Hospital Federico Trilla-UPR Carolina y la Fundación Triple-S.

MDA Executive Most Wanted

Edmy A. Rivera, Director of Finance at Triple-S, managed to position herself as the MDA Most Valuable Executive in the “Vikingos” edition. Edmy raised the most with $8,767 to support research and patients receiving treatment at the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Relay for Life

Employee support during the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event demonstrated their commitment to the fight against cancer. Betty Orsini, who was honored as the godmother of the event, is a cancer survivor and has been an integral part of the activities of this organization; in addition, she has been working at Triple-S for almost five decades.

Fit2Be Cancer Free 2023

Year after year Roberto “Bobby” Garcia, President and CEO of Triple-S, has shared the message of cancer prevention, walking alongside employees in the Fit2Be Cancer Free 2023 “CEO Against Cancer” challenge, from the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico. This initiative has motivated many to take their preventive exams and to continue with the mission of enabling healthy lives.

PR 10k Run

The team of Triple-S employees in the company of Alexandra Fuentes and ELJD, participated in the Puerto Rico 10k Run at the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge together with 5,000 runners to benefit the Pediatric Hospital Foundation and the Trauma Center Assistance Foundation.

CAP Foundation

With the efforts of Triple-S employees, its Gente Valiosa, and its CAPitanes, $22,000 was raised to help improve treatment facilities and equipment for children with cancer at the Pediatric Hospital. The support, generosity, and solidarity that employees show year after year in this movement to CAP Foundation is commendable.

Pink Warrior

Triple-S dresses in pink to host the Pink Warrior event. In its genuine commitment to the fight against cancer, Triple-S works hand-in-hand with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention of breast cancer and thus help save more lives.

Volunteer with Gente Valiosa

The Triple-S Di Presente volunteer program left its mark as Gente Valiosa by collaborating with the organization’s Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, La Fondita de Jesús, Esperanza para la Vejez, las Voces de Rhaiza, Bosque San Patricio and Cabecitas Rapadas to combat loneliness, food insecurity, and support equity in health and emotional well-being.

Grana 5k

Triple-S employees ran the 5k of Grana without pants to benefit the American Society Against Cancer. Their participation represented the voices to support this cause to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer.