About Triple-S

Triple-S Headquarters

We are much more than a health insurance company. At Grupo Triple-S we offer you all the insurance products and services that you need to be well protected.

We have more than half a century of experience, great financial strength, an impeccable reputation and a wide range of products in the segments of health, life, property and contingency. These attributes have made us the leading insurance company in Puerto Rico, where two out of three people have selected us to protect everything that is important to them.

Grupo Triple-S is a public company since 2007 and it trades its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GTS. In addition, we are an independent licensee of the BlueCross BlueShield Association and have presence in markets such as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Costa Rica.

Our Purpose

Empower our clients and communities to prevent and overcome adversity.

Our History

Ever since Triple-S was established, it has been our commitment to make people feel safe and secure. We are in the business of protecting lives, contributing to the well-being and quality of life of the communities we serve.

  • 1959

    Concerned with the need to provide better access to healthcare, a group of visionary physicians and dentists establish Seguros de Servicios de Salud.

  • 1965

    BlueCross BlueShield Association selects Triple-S, Inc. as its exclusive BlueCross BlueShield Association licensee in Puerto Rico.

  • 1966

    Triple-S, Inc. manages Medicare Part B in Puerto Rico once Medicare is created.

  • 1984

    Triple-S enters the life insurance market to complement its managed care offerings and creates Seguros de Vida Triple-S.

  • 1988

    As part of a diversification strategy, the company enters the property and casualty insurance market and establishes Seguros Triple-S.

  • 1995

    Triple-S is awarded a contract to provide services to the Puerto Rico Health Reform.

  • 1999

    Stockholders create Triple-S Management Corporation (TSM), a holding company, to facilitate the growth and diversification of the business.

  • 2005

    Triple-S, Inc. begins its participation in the Medicare Advantage segment.

  • 2006

    TSM acquires Great American Life Assurance Company of Puerto Rico (GA Life) and after its merger with Seguros de Vida Triple-S, it becomes Triple-S Vida, the leading life insurance company in Puerto Rico.

  • 2007

    TSM is the first Puerto Rican managed care company to become a public company trading its shares in the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol GTS (Grupo Triple-S).

  • 2009

    Grupo Triple-S celebrates its 50th anniversary and renews its corporate identity.

    Triple-S Salud, Inc. completes the purchase of certain managed care assets of La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico and is awarded the Blue Cross license, thereby becoming in the BlueCross BlueShield Association licensee of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

  • 2011

    TSM acquires American Health Medicare, a Medicare Advantage services provider over than 40,000 members.

  • 2012

    Triple-S Salud creates BlueCross BlueShield Association of the U.S. Virgin Islands and enters the USVI market to offer health insurance products to the commercial segment.

  • 2013

    Triple-S Salud is selected as administrator for all the regions of the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan.

    The corporation lays the foundation for its expansion to international markets through Triple-S Vida’s acquisition of Atlantic Southern Insurance Company (ASICO), with headquarters in Puerto Rico and operations in the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and Costa Rica.

  • 2014

    ASICO is rebranded as Triple-S Blue and its expansion into Latin America starts with the launch of the BCBS Costa Rica brand.

    The brands of AHM and Triple-S Salud Medicare Advantage division are consolidated and rebranded as Triple-S Advantage.

  • 2017

    Triple-S Foundation was established in 2017 as a non-profit organization in order to extend the community outreach efforts made by Triple-S, respond to the needs Puerto Rico faced in the aftermath of Hurricane María, and channel the aid received from the BlueCross BlueShield Association to address this historic disaster. This efforts are aligned to Triple-S vision of treating the individual in a comprehensive manner and addressing the social factors that affect the health of Puerto Ricans.

  • 2019

    Faithful to the vision of its founders, Triple-S on its 60th anniversary celebration continues to care for the people of Puerto Rico, protecting what is most important to them: life, health and property.

    In addition, aligned with social responsibility and community efforts, Triple-S is committed to address two social determinants of health: food insufficiency and emotional well-being.

  • 2020

    Triple-S advances in innovation through the healthcare industry by launching for the first time in Puerto Rico a MasterCard for the Triple-S Advantage business line.

    This product achieves a great solution for the members because it combines the traditional plan medical card with a prepaid card for supplementary benefits used at participating merchants. 

  • 2021

    Triple-S Management reaches an agreement to merge with GuideWell, a Florida Blue’s parent company.

    Both companies are members of BlueCross BlueShield Association and share their mission, values and commitment to ensure access to quality health care for the diverse communities they served up.